Investor And Special Business Consultant
For Small And Middle Market Businesses

Turnarounds, Fixing,
And Business Saving In
Distressed Situations

When a business is broken, clients and partners call me in to find diagnose the real root issue, and find the simple yet effective solution to turn the business around.

Growth and
New Value In Satisfactorily Underperforming Businesses

When a business has stagnated, or is simply plodding along for another year, clients and partners call me in to identify what's blocking growth, and find the simple approach that unlocks new value.

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About Rob Hanly
A private individual, for more than ten years, Rob has served as both a consultant and a business owner around the world.

From Israel to India, and supplements to screenprinting, Rob has fixed and grown businesses in a range of industries.

He gets results by performing rapid yet detailed diagnostics of a business, and then zeroing in on the highest leverage opportunities.
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Rob has forgotten more about marketing and business strategy than most business owners will ever learn.
Connor Grooms
Founder, BaseLang

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Rob's an expert at finding hidden money and untapped profit sources in businesses. That's why I've been hiring him for years.

Craig Ballantyne
Owner, Early To Rise

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Under Rob's guidance,  we10x’ed our monthly revenue, 4x’ed our membership subscriptions, paid off all debt, and secured a government contract with US Army Special Forces.

Jordan Smothermon
Atomic Athlete

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[Acting on Rob's advice] has dramatically altered the trajectory of my career and life in a profound way.

Taylor Pearson
Co-Founder, Mutiny Fund
Best Selling Author, End Of Jobs

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I had a single lunch meeting with Rob. Over our meal, he outlined how I could setup a new customer acquisition channel with no financial risk.

It's brought in over $1,000,000 in revenue, and $500,000 in profits so far — and it grows each year.

Brett Fox
Co-Founder, Photzy

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Rob Hanly moves through the flows of online consumer psychology like he is in his natural environment -- a confident, calculating apex predator, able to not just hunt the sick and the weak, but any choice morsel among the herd he sets his eyes to. Like a predator there is an amoral, pragmatic grace in his actions -- goal-driven decision-making leading backwards to the present moment, and showing you each footfall along the path.

I value Rob's ability to help me hone in on my true goals, identify distractions for what they are, and carve a precise path forward along clear, sequential steps.

Jesse Lawler
Co-Founder, Axon Labs

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Results Include:

  • Tripled the cashflow of a manufacturing company in 30 days, saving it from bankruptcy by identifying the one spot that was losing money and fixing it immediately

  • Reversed falling revenues in a niche supplement company in 30 days - and then delivering their best ever month of sales within just four months - after identifying the one strategic element was missing

  • Injected millions of new revenue into a publishing company in under two years (at a 50% profit margin) by identifying the one marketing mistake it was making, and addressing it

  • 10x'd the monthly revenue of a fitness company in under 60 days by making one change to their sales process (this also lead to a 4x increase in their subscription based revenue)

  • Found tens of thousands of extra dollars in profit for an executive coaching company in under 20 minutes - and all they had to do to secure it was send two emails in the next 48 hours.

  • Generated millions in new business by helping business owners build and adapt to new business models  - from changing delivery systems to repurposing skills, I've guided the launch of multiple highly profitable online businesses.
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