Reports, Briefings, And Tools
Innovating Against Inflation (PDF Report)
Innovating Against Inflation was first published in early 2022. It's a short (18 pages) report that walks you through the questions you must be asking if you're concerned about the impacts of inflation on your business.

ProfitFix (Free Tool)

ProfitFix was created as a self-assessment tool for privately held businesses. It helps to identify problems in strategy, operations, sales, profits, and cashflow.  Upon completing your assessment, you'll receive a custom report with recommendations and suggestions for your business.

Adapt Or Die (Video Briefing)
Adapt or Die was a private briefing delivered in early 2020, as the early impacts of COVID-19 were beginning to be felt. It has been shared with Steven Kotler's Flow Research Collective, The British Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, and more. While the material was framed for the time of COVID-19, it still contains valuable insights on mitigating risk, managing crisis, and driving innovation in your business.
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