Client Results

When clients get my advice, results follow. Below you'll find select examples of how this unfolds. 
  • Client in the health industry was advised on how to solve an operational problem... and unlocked new growth channels, quintupling (5x) annual revenue in less than 12 months (without destroying profitability)

  • After being advised on how to bring alignment between co-founders in a sales driven industry, the client was able to align their team and unlock rapid growth... septupling (7x) their sales in 18 months - and earning themselves a position on the Inc Magazines annual list of fastest growing companies in America

  • By following advice on marketing and sales process, client secured exclusive US government contracts as providers of education and training to elite military branches

  • After struggling to match cash flow to growth, a manufacturing client was advised on how to change their cash conversion cycle... and achieved a 9.6x increase of annual operating cash flow as a percentage of revenue as a result. The owner used the excess free cash flow to pay down debts, improve balance sheet health, and secure their retirement

  • Client in a successful homewares company was the number one bottleneck in the company, and felt like they constantly had to hold their employees' hands to get anything achieved. After following advice on operational changes, the client removed themselves from (increasing total enterprise value by eliminating key man risk), went on a two-week holiday with no email or phone, and simultaneously doubled revenue in the same 12 month period

  • Successful client in the brokerage industry was seeking vertical integration to increase their size, and was advised on how they could reduce their risk capital by 90% and still effectively test the new venture. The test failed, the client learned this was not an effective innovation, and retained millions of dollars they would've otherwise lost in the original planned project.

  • Client in the health and fitness industry was able to tripled recurring revenue by following advice to re-structure their operational rhythms

  • European client selling direct to consumer was struggling with refunds. After following advice to re-structure their sales process, they halved their near-20% refund rate - immediately adding new profits

  • Consumer goods client in the USA was advised on how to re-engineer, re-negotiate, and re-structure their operating model... leading to a doubling in  EBITDA within 30 days (and without having to seek out a single new sale)

  • First time entrepreneur in a rapidly growing company was struggling with low perceived competence, self-doubt, and a sense of having just gotten lucky. Client was advised on how to understand their business, make decisions, and manage their growth, and later reported a sense that they finally knew they could handle whatever came to them.

  • 20 year industry veteran was struggling with liquidity and cash flow industries, creating stress at home, which carried into work, and created a downward spiral. Client was advised on how to adjust their operations and cash flow, as well as how to develop their leadership team. Growth and profitability were restored, in turn enabling the client to repair relationships with wife and children at home, ultimately becoming a more present father and partner

  • Stuck in a death-by-debt cycle, client was advised how to restructure cash flow and obligations. By following advice and negotiating more beneficial terms and pricing with vendors, cash flow from sales increased by 20%, and EBITDA lifted by 25%
What Clients Say About
Working With Me

"The advice and clarity Rob gives is invaluable.
Not only did his advice help us 5x our annual revenue in twelve months, but he has helped me to understand and  leverage my strengths more effectively"

Aaron Evans
Owner, BodyBrand

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"It's almost like a therapy session for my business. 
I've gained a ton of knowledge from you... it's helped us get clarity on our business, and what we should be focusing on.  And as a result our EBIT just kept going up every month."

Jeff Root
Owner, Digital BGA

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"If you'd have told me everything that was going to go on in 2020, and then that I'd still have made more revenue, profit, and cashflow than the year before, I would've called you crazy.  Yet with your advice, here we are."

Rusty Koss
Owner, Koss Creative

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"Working with Rob is a no brainer. He has guided me on cutting away my distractions so I can focus, showed me how to leverage my psychology to lift my company's performance, and even found me millions in new profits over the next few years - easily recouping me a 25x return on my investment"

Boris Schrenzel
Owner, Nutrisolution

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