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So You Got A Cold Email From Me...
Hi, I'm Rob

Yes, you got a cold email from me. I messaged you because I was researching companies I can help with my skills, and you came up.

I know cold email is a bit strange, but after seeing your situation, I couldn't not reach out. If my understanding is correct, you might be feeling stuck despite all your hard work.

I'm a real person, and I get it. I've been in your shoes - stressed, overwhelmed, and frustrated with not seeing the profits you deserve. I’ve spent nearly two decades turning around businesses and helping owners like you make sense of their numbers. My background includes studying finance at the Corporate Finance Institute and Wharton’s online Coursera course. I know how to connect the dots between marketing, sales, operations, and finance to drive real results.

Just reply to the email, and we can set up a quick call.

Rob Hanly
Rob Hanly, somewhere in Southern Europe 
Here’s what some of my clients have achieved:
  • A health industry client quintupling their revenue in under 12 months.
  • A sales-driven company septupling their sales and landing on the Inc 5000 list.
  • A manufacturing client increasing their cash flow by 9.6x, securing their retirement.
  • A homewares business doubling revenue and eliminating operational bottlenecks.
  • If this resonates with you, I’d love to see if I can help. Maybe I can’t, but a quick chat will clarify that. If I can, your business will get easier, better, and fast.
 In just 15 minutes, gain the clarity you need to make informed business decisions. Discover how your financial data fits together and identify key metrics that drive profits and cash flow. Stop guessing and start growing your business with confidence. 
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