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Hey, I'm Rob.

My first "business" was as a commission-only salesperson. I learned to eat what I killed and what works beats what sounds good.

That was almost 20 years ago.

Since then I’ve built, owned, operated, and consulted for businesses, focusing on what affects the numbers - not what sounds good.

This means I’ve actually gotten my hands dirty, and in a range of businesses. I've worked with a diverse range of industries, from manufacturing and health to publishing and fitness, across the globe including the USA, Canada, Israel, and Australia.

So what I share isn’t just theory from all the books I’ve read (and there’s been a lot). Instead, it’s lessons learned from applying ideas, and getting measurable results from the experience.

To help speed up my understanding, I've supplemented my hands-on efforts with study. I’ve studied finance, direct response marketing, leadership, operations, and more… and then gone and applied what I’ve learned.

As a result, my hands-on, data-driven approach focuses on increasing cash flow, optimizing operations, and aligning teams for success to grow profits and cash without the guesswork.

Rob Hanly, somewhere in Southern Europe 
Maybe I can help you, too?
I enjoy helping entrepreneurs succeed, sharing with them what I know and helping them apply it. But I’m not for everyone. Business is complex, and not every approach - or every person - works for every company.

So instead of a big claim that pushes you to contact me right now, let’s do this.

I’d like to invite you to have a short chat. We can talk about your situation, and determine if if I can help you.
 In just 15 minutes, gain the clarity you need to make informed business decisions. Discover how your financial data fits together and identify key metrics that drive profits and cash flow. Stop guessing and start growing your business with confidence. 
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