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"Business Cheat Sheet" Trilogy
Listen in as James Schramko interviews Rob Hanly about his 'business cheat sheet'

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In mid-2020, I shared a 'Business Cheat Sheet' on my Instagram account.

James Schramko reached out and asked if I'd be willing to record a podcast with him.  And while it was a good plan, we didn't end up recording a podcast.

We recorded three - and they're all available below, with James' original notes.

As we recorded our podcast, James revealed that he was surprised that I was sharing so much of my proprietary knowledge, so freely, and with so many people, without asking for anything in return.

But my reasoning behind sharing this for free is simple:

First of all, it's my way of contributing back to the pool of knowledge that I've been able to learn from over the years. To leave the world better than I found it.

And second of all, deep down, I know that while the vast majority of people who consume what I share will never become business partners or clients...

A small percentage will hear what I'm sharing, and ask for my help in their business.

So if you listen to the podcasts below, find them valuable, and think you'd be able to benefit from working with me I'd encourage you read this short note.

Otherwise, please enjoy this three-part podcast series with James Schramko.

The original Business Cheat Sheet

Episode 761
"Business coach Rob Hanly does things with flair.

One of his achievements is a business cheat sheet contained in a single-paragraph document.

What is the content of that paragraph and why was it so intriguing to James Schramko?

Find out in this first installment of a 3-part interview series."

Episode 762
"Come along as we delve into KPIs, fixed and variable costs, team management and other points of interest in his amazing business cheat sheet."
Episode 763

"When James Schramko came across Rob Hanly’s business cheat sheet, he knew it just had to be shared.

How much wisdom, practical knowhow and common sense can be contained in a single paragraph?

Find out as James and Rob round out the rest of its contents in the third and final part of this series"

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