About Rob Hanly

The best way to understand me, and how I can help you, comes from a quick story...

A few years ago, I was working with an advisory client. We were in their boardroom, and I was explaining a key concept with the help of a whiteboard.

As I drew on the whiteboard, the room was silent. I thought everyone was simply paying attention.

And then I turned around.

Looking at the leadership team, I noticed they'd stopped paying attention to the board. As I followed their eyes, I noticed they were all looking at the company owner.

His face had started to go beet red, his jaw had become clenched, and his whole body was tight with fury.

Naturally, I decided to poke the bear.

"What's up?" I asked

"Do you mean to tell me..." he began, "that it's that simple? That I've spent the last seventeen years wasting my time with consultants, advisors, accountants, and lawyers... and none of them had ever made it that simple, but could've?"

His anger made sense immediately.

For years he'd fought and sacrificed for every dollar. For years he'd wondered about his abilities and competence. And for years he had paid people to help him make sense of what was happening.

Of course he was angry.

And then, as the impact of what had happened hit him, his anger began to fade away.

He was no longer flying blind.

He was no longer going to have to sacrifice unnecessarily, or pay expensive experts who prioritised looking smart over making him money.

He could finally be in control, and do it without having to sacrifice and stress.

And all because he had finally got the clear, simple advice he needed.

Over the following months, his business was transformed. Cash flow became easier to manage, profits went up, and sales quickly increased.

Giving moments of clarity like this is something I love to do.

My ability to create moments of clarity like this are based on real experience

I'm not just some guy who simply gives advice without any personal experience. I've lived it, too, and have the scars and stories to prove it.

I've personally started, scaled, or turned around a number of businesses in a range of industries.

I founded or co-founded a number of companies, including a niche medical publishing company. We initially drove sales through partnerships and leveraging under-utilised assets, before adding paid acquisition and community-oriented sales channels. I lead our innovations in sales and marketing to the point that we were getting 15:1 return on ad spend as we scaled our marketing.

I have performed multiple turnarounds, across multiple industries. These situations had me put true skin in the game to keep companies in business, and people employed. Driving these companies back to good health, and guiding their innovation so they were able to secure their future, has given me an intimate understanding of how the different parts of a busienss work together.

But of course, not all my experiences have been successful. When I was younger, I was naive and ideological about business. My fantasy views of the way the world worked forced me into an array of horrible experiences -  I've been betrayed by a business partner who secretly had me removed from bank accounts (and then lied about it), I've had explosive arguments with company employees that destroyed enterprise value, and more.

From each experience I've had, I've ensured that I've added to my knowledge and skills - knowledge and skills that I can use to help my clients achieve greater results in their business.

You can see the results I've helped my clients get here.
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